Sunday, June 3, 2012

My little family

I have to assume, based on the number of hits this blog has gotten in the last 6 days, that you couldn't ALL possibly know me, so I thought I'd use iPhone photos to introduce you....

This is me- Charly- born and raised Texan, wife, mother of 4, teacher, photographer, the ultimate multitasker!!!

This is my husband (aka. Big Daddy, which does NOT make me Big Mama).

And lastly, my amazing kids- Andrew, 12, Ryan, 10.5, Grace, 9, and Lucas, 6.5..... (Lu has a wax bottle in his mouth in this picture.. he's an odd duck)

Life is exhausting, but we love it ;)

I am forcing myself to blog to teach myself discipline.... it's part of my Sunday School class... anyway, I hope to chronicle this summer for my kids, so we can look back and cherish the summer that we did absolutely NOTHING :)

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