Friday, June 15, 2012

FUN FRIDAY: Fairy Friday

Imagination is the most important thing you can foster in a child.  I know, being an only child for so long, I had many imaginary friends and played with my stuffed animals as though they were real... 

As we looked at geocaching on Pinterest, we came across several fairy doors.  They are essentially little doors attached to trees just at the base.. that's it- 

So we decided to put a smile on some child's face and make one- I took popsicle sticks, paint, sticks from the yard and lots of hot glue and came up with the above picture.  As soon as all the kids are up, we will make a few more, then go find cool trees to nail them to!  Lucas renamed it Fairy Friday instead of Fun Friday, at least for today.

The little 2 are super excited and the big 2 are insulted by all of this- but I really don't care about them because they get to go to a Dynamo game this weekend, so they can nail fairy houses with a smile, knowing that their Fun Friday is really on Saturday... I'll let you know where our fairies set up shop so you can check them out!

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