Saturday, June 9, 2012

Treasure Hunters

After some light housework, my adventure posse and I were ready to go!  First stop:  Chic-Fil-A- we got kids meals, which are pricy and usually NOT an option- the reason?  THey come with camping guides, nature notebooks, etc and I thought that would be a fun thing to add to our adventure pack!
After filling our bellies, we dropped Lu off at a birthday party, then found some caches in the area- the first 2 ended in defeat, but we picked Lu up and went back to try some more in that area.
While on the phone with my brother, (he was on speaker, I was dutifully following my compass) 
I FOUND ONE!!!!!!! 
The Location

The Cache
A Peek Inside
We took a 'gold' coin and left our globe/ compass ring.  We didn't find anymore in that area, but not for lack of trying!
After dinner, we headed to a nearby park to hunt.. it was getting dark, but my big, strong husband was more than willing to climb into the brambles and FOUND ANOTHER ONE!  We left a little rubber owl (we left our signature compass rings at home)  and took this little charm.
The Cache
The Charm
What a super fun day!  Next time, we will freeze water bottles the night before and pack snacks and maybe a ball for the ones who get a bit impatient when mom spends an hour climbing through bushes.


Here's the awesome part!  We went to a store and got some things (trying not to give too much away) and we are planting our very own cache tomorrow!!!!  I can't wait until it gets reviewed and approved and people can come find our treasure!  
I. Am. So. Excited.
and I may be a bit of a dork!

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