Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Tearful Goodbye

"Ohh, you're a teacher?  Must be nice getting paid to take the summers off!"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I wouldn't HAVE to be a teacher... so, let me clarify-

We get paid VERY little for the amount of hours we spend working AND if there's a teacher out there that really, truly 'takes the summer off,' I sure wouldn't want them teaching my child.

So, you ask, if the hours are so long and the pay is so little, why I do it?

This is why-

Tomorrow, I say goodbye to one of the best first grade classes the world has ever known.  Though I know these kids will never forget me, will set a special place for me at their wedding, name their first born (boy or girl) after me, ... here I am, assuming I made as great an impact on them as they did on me... I will miss them terribly-

 every. single. one. of. them.

So kids, you have my email address and you can pretty much track my whereabouts on this blog, so email me, find me,  because I am SURE I will need a former first grader hug very soon!  I love you all!


The movie for Monday, June 4 will be...

I know, I know... groan, BUT if you'll check the Cinemark dollar movie schedule featured HERE, you'll see that this week's movie is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.... so see, there's some thought put into it :)

Here's how it works- The movie will start right around 8:30- sorry for the late start, but it has to be dark!  Bring your family and lawn/sports chairs of some sort.  Also, bring snacks and a cooler of drinks, just for your family- We will have some popcorn available, but not knowing how many are coming, it's hard to guarantee how much.... No RSVP necessary!  If you don't know my address and still want to come, message me here and I'll be in touch :)

The Journey will begin Monday, June 4th, 8:30 pm!

Summer Reading: Programs

Avoid the Summer Backslide!  

Your child (and their teacher) worked really hard this year to accomplish their reading goals.... hold on to that progress with EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!  Here's how!

Check out these summer reading programs offered around town--

Barnes & Noble Imagination's Destination

Half Price Books  Feed Your Brain

H.E.B.  H.E.Buddy Summer Reading Club

Chuck E. Cheese Reading Rewards

Hastings   Summer Book Club

Larry J. Ringer Public Library Summer Reading for Kids 2012

Larry J. Ringer Public Library Summer Reading for Teens/Tweens 2012

Please let me know of any programs I may have missed!

Also, check out THIS awesome site from James Patterson!

Happy Reading!

Summer Reading- Roald Dahl

This is FIRST on my list of required reading for my kids-  I will have my 12 yr old read this aloud to my 6 yr old, and have my 9, 10 yr olds read this to themselves.  My plan is to expose them to many different types of books, hoping that they will discover that they may like something they never thought possible.... like I did with Hunger Games.  

There is a teensy bit of motivation to finishing this book---
I found THIS awesome post from Imagination Soup!  I think this will be a hit with all the little peanuts!  Let us know if you decide to read this as a family- may be we can concoct together!  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Buy Early and Save- Summer $ Movie

Summer Schedule

2012 Summer Bucket List

This is our summer bucket list, as compiled by the kids and me.... now, to get Daddy to agree :) 


I am NOTORIOUS for creating blogs, making them all cute, and dropping them after a few (days,weeks,months) so I am setting a short term goal with this one!  It's our summer blog- It's about trying to maintain my sanity while home for the summer with 4 kids, ages 6,9,10,12.   It'll be interesting-