Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I heart spray paint...

And today, at Lowe's, the little girl told me that they NEVER put Valspar paint on sale.  "NEVER?" I said.  "Never," she said with the shake of her head.  Something inside me died at that moment.... 

Today, at the mission store, quite possibly one of my favorite stores, I happened upon this box of 23 small cardboard magazine holders.. like, greeting card size.  Now, I love a good deal and I LOVE things used to organize, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE things that are ugly with the potential of becoming pretty, and BEST OF ALL- I KNEW I could bring spray paint to this party!  I've spent a beter part of the afternoon priming, then painting these bad boys... still have NO IDEA what I'll do with them, but... a deal's a deal, right?

So, any suggestions?

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