Monday, June 4, 2012

Make Something Monday: Art Journal

It's officially the FIRST day of summer.... an adventure awaits!

Today, for Make Something Monday, we are starting our art journals.

What you will need:
1 blank sketch book per kid
Sharpies (have to be Sharpie if you plan to watercolor over it)
Watercolor paints (I like the cheap ones from Michael's)
paint brushes

Today, I am going to have the kids to draw a self portrait on a piece of white 12X12 card stock with black Sharpie.  Once that's done, they will watercolor over the drawing and this will be the cover of their journal.  We will probably also add the first page- I will write their name in big block letters and they will use Sharpie to decorate inside the letters, then use watercolor over the letters.  That may be all I can do today, but it's a start.  I plan to have them add to this every few days all summer- by the end, I hope to have a great representation of tho they are right now- like a little snap shot in time.
 I took the first image, but the last 2 were from

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