Thursday, June 21, 2012


As you've probably guessed, we are a tad bit off our weekly schedule this week- kids have been shuttled here and there to mission trips, grandparent camp, etc.

This morning, I flew to Gulfport, Mississippi where I am currently at the airport eating a blueberry scone and drinking VERY strong coffee, awaiting my friend of almost 30 years to pick me up (I got an earlier connecting flight at the last minute, which put a kink in her plans for the day- sorry, BTW) On Saturday, my friend and I, along with her 3 children (Danica, Carter, & Brenham) will load up in her minivan and make the 8 hour drive to College Station, where she will visit with her family who, for obvious reasons, she doesn't get to visit that often. It'll be an action filled 2.5 days for sure! I'll keep you posted on our events :)

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